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Science To Go

Our mission is to enrich the scientific environment of the elementary classroom by providing students with exciting, interactive lessons that stimulate a practical understanding of the Washington State Science Standards (NGSS). 
Our lesson will continue to reflect the changes in science standards as each district we work with transitions to the NGSS standards.

      Science To Go specializes in hands-on science enrichment labs.   Students learn from unique and exciting materials and experiences that we provide. They work in small collaborative groups to share what they have learned and use their combined knowledge to discuss deeper scientific questions while exploring solutions to real world problems. Labs are typically 40-50 minutes per class.

We pride ourselves in creating lessons that provide students with a solid foundation in the sciences, while giving them practical understanding of the NGSS science objectives that they are expected to know. 
We have created memorable experiences using materials unlike any commercial science kit. 
Our knowledgeable and creative instructors are teachers that have retired or taken leave to be at home with their young children.







































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