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2018-20 Transition 4th

Preliminary Transition 4th Grade
There will be a two year transition for STG labs.
2018-2019 is a gap year.  Many current standards are being assigned to other grade levels.  Many of the labs we teach will support the new standards.  These labs will be re-designed to reflect the new grade level they will be taught at.
Some labs we teach will be re-developed or discontinued.
As we learn how ISD adopts their new curriculum and kits we will update this page and lessons we offer.
This is preliminary. We will align our lessons After ISD makes their final determination of what and where NGSS standards will be applied.

NGSS Standards 4th Grade

2018-2019  is a Gap year as ISD transitions to the new science program

4th and 5th grade are essentially trading curriculum.
The 4th Grade can start doing the new NGSS curriculum 2018-2019 because there were no conflicts. 
The 5th grades will also get these labs since their 5th graders had the Ecosystem series in 2017-2018. 
Adaptation, Heredity and Behavior
Energy Transfers and Transformations through Systems
Fossil Formation and Analysis

2019-2020 All new and re-assigned labs are in place
You are already aligned with NGSS.
5th grade will start the Ecosystem series this year aligning them with NGSS.
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