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Changing Ecosystem

Frog Hollow Wetland: Ecosystem and Changes over Time
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I have lived on Frog Hollow Wetland for over 25 years.  There have been many changes over this time. Students will explore before and after comparison models of man-made and natural changes that have occurred in Frog Hollow Wetland over the past 30 years.

  • Students use models made of Frog Hollow Wetland, Overview Google maps of the area and hands-on materials collected from Frog Hollow Wetland.  Students also use pelts and other collected materials to study the plants and animals that live in Frog Hollow Wetland.

Students participate in small group discussions to:

  • Discuss the difference between slow and fast changes, man-made and natural changes over the last 30 years in Frog hollow Wetland.
  • Identify the actual changes that have occurred over the past 30 years .
  • Discuss the impact of these changes on the plant and animal life as well as water quality.
  • Discuss the consequences of possible solutions or if a solution is reasonable.  Students study solutions from other areas and discuss what is reasonable.
  • Students discover what solution was implemented and discuss its success or failure.

State Science  Standards
Ecosystem Standards

2-3 LS2 A,B,C,D  2-3 APP
 2-3 SYS ABCDE  2-3INQ



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