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Fossil Formation, Analysis and Environmental Predictions 
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  • Students rotate through 29 science enrichment centers each containing fossils dated from 12000 years to over 400 million years old.
  • Models and samples of how different types of fossils are formed (petrified, mold, cast, matrix, trace, amber)
  • Centers with fossils showing how certain organisms progress and change over time as the environment changes.
  • Centers with examples of how new species are formed and how some become extinct.
  • Centers comparing modern day animal and plant families to their fossilized ancestors.
  • Models with fossils showing the development of a specific organism over millions of years.
  • Models with fossil matrixes collected at real dig sites that enable students predict what environments existed millions of years ago and how those environments changed over time to their current condition.
  • Models showing what forces could have triggered fast and slow environmental changes and what effects those changes had on the environment and the plants and animals living in those environments. 
  • Students compare fossils and modern day bones of animals in the same family and look for common characteristics. Students also compare fossils looking for similarities between groups of organisms that existed millions of years ago.

State Science  Standards
Fossil Standards
MSP Fossils

45LS3D  45ES3A,B


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