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Fossils Past and Present

Fossil Comparisons, Past and Present 
Fossil Comparison Photo Gallery                   Fossil Photo Video Gallery

  • 29 hands on science enrichment boxes filled with real fossils. 
  • Some boxes compare modern day organisms (shells, bones etc) to their fossilized ancestors Some boxes are fossils that have no modern day representatives and extinction is explored. 
  • Another group of boxes have fossilized skeletal material sunken into a matrix that students use tools to uncover and then determine if the organisms is extinct or has representative modern day counterparts.
  • Other boxes show how animals can change over time until we get to their modern representative.

State Science  Standards
Fossil Standards
INQ SYS APP23 standards

2-3 LS3D 2-3 LS3E
2-3 INQ, 2-3 APP




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