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2018-2019 Prices
Lessons are typically 40-50 minutes for each classroom. 
After we receive your weekly school recess, lunch and specialist schedule we will assign dates and class times.
We schedule classes back to back split by recess, lunch and specialists. 

2 classes $200 total scheduled back to back in the morning if possible.
3 classes $300 total schedule 3 classes back to back before or after lunch.  Kinder will be scheduled right before and right after lunch.
4/5 classes $425 total ** scheduling criteria listed at the bottom of the page.
6 classes $525 scheduled in two days, 3 classes consecutively scheduled each of the days.
7 classes $625 scheduled in two days 5 on one day and two the next morning back to back.
8 classes $725 scheduled 5 in one day and three the next day back to back.

Scheduling Criteria
We start first thing in the morning unless all classes at grade level are at specialists.  
Lessons are scheduled consecutively and split with recess, lunch and specialists.
We add a few extra minutes for travel time to and from other activities when needed.
After we get the lunch, recess and specialist schedules we assign the best day of the week to work around your school schedule.  We send schedules for the assigned date 2-3 weeks prior to lab.
If there is a conflict contact us asap so we can try to reschedule.

Contact Information
Kate Poaster
Science To Go
Fax: 206-391-1350   




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