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    The lessons include high-quality tools, visuals and materials and are always age appropriate, engaging, in-depth, hands-on, and tied to the Washington State EALR's. Our students have benefited immensely and have unusually high-interest as well as a deeper understanding of the science topics presented by Science To Go. The teaching staff are always professional, courteous, prepared and employ the best teaching methods. It truly does enhance the educational opportunities of all students.
Sunny Hills Elementary Sammamish 2nd Grade

      "As children observe, reflect, record and share nature's patterns and rhythms, they are participating in a process that promotes scientific and ecological awareness, problem solving and creativity." author unknown.....This qquote summarizes what the Science To Go program is all about!
Newcastle Elementary, Newcastle 2nd Grade

     Science To Go offers a unique oppurtunity for students to interact with materials that would be impossible for me to collect myself.  Essentially, each lab is a mini-museum, perfectly tailored to our cirriculum, which is brought right to my classroom. I can't tell you how excited my students get when they hear that we have a Science To Go lab coming up, because they know that there will akways be something to touch, feel, hold, read or examine.  Grand Ridge Elementary,  Issaquah  3rd Grade

      Each hour-long lesson is fast paced and targeted at the Washington State learning standards for that particular grade-level. From the second the instructor starts teaching to the second she leaves, students are focused and engaged in hands-on science exploration.   
Discovery Elementary, Sammamish   4th Grade  2010

Interesting, fun, exciting, motivating, comprehensive, tied directly to state standards, hands-on, well-organized, grade-level appropriate-The Science to Go classes represent the standard for how all science enrichment lessons should be taught.
Cascade Ridge,
Sammamish   5th Grade 2011

  The engagement of the students participating in Science To Go labs is impressive.  I highly recommend Science To Go.
Sunny Hills Elementary,  Sammamish  4th Grade

Science To go has the highest expectations for students and they deliver nothing less.  Their specimens are top quality.  Lessons have a hands-on and investigative approach.  My students love them.
Challenger Elementary, Issaquah  3rd Grade

I highly recommend the lessons as they are well-prepared, the presentation is excellent, and the materials are beyond what we have available to us.  Our students always look forward to spending time with the Science To go team.
Discovery Elementary, Sammamish 5th Grade

Every lab my students have participated in has included a wide variety of hands-on items that I could not provide myself.  We have handled nests, eggs, preserved specimens, skulls (including a rhinoceros skull!), feathers, fur samples and much more. I also know that the labs will be aligned to the current state standards.
Sunny Hills Elementary, Sammamish  Kindergarten

Science To Go involves many project-based activities in which students learn to team with one another cooperatively, yet are challenged individually. The quality of teaching instruction is high. I highly recommend this program.
Sunset Elementary,  Issaquah  5th Grade

  The vast supply of materials that Science To Go bring to my classroom are items that I wouldn't have, be able to store, or may not be able to locate.  When Kate Poaster (or a colleague) brings a lab to my class, I know it is going to provide my students with many hands-on activities that will help build their scientific understanding.  I believe that any teacher or student would be extremely lucky to be able to experience the Science To Go program.
Sunny Hills Elementary,  Sammamish   1st Grade

 I would enthusiastically recommend Kate Poasters Science To Go program. Time and time again this program has used wonderful materials to supplement science and teach not only students, but also teachers, more about science!
Cougar Ridge Elementary, Issaquah 3rd Grade
These specimens contribute greatly to the students knowledge.  Science To Go offers numerous and diverse oppurtunities for students that would not be presented through a school's science curriculum.  My students, and myself, have benefited greatly for many years from Science To Go.  I highly recommend this science enrichment program to anyone who has the opportunity to experience it.  It is Fantastic! 
Discovery Elementary,   Sammamish   3rd Grade
     Science To Go has been so popular, that when teachers were polled on the use of PTA funds from our PTA Auction/fund raiser
, Science To Go was number 1 on the list.  Science To Go is continually creating science oppurtunities for teachers and students.  She has provided science labs and in-service oppurtunities for teachers.
Sunset Elementary, Issaquah  3rd Grade



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